Composing A Color Sketch

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In the previous post, I talked about how a value sketch is built using simple shapes to represent objects in the composition. Time is taken to position the shapes within the composition. Notice the marks along the top and side that divide the image into thirds. Objects are placed near those junctions and away from the center. The sketch is so simple yet contains enough suggestions of composition and value that a color sketch can be started.

The composition is re-sketched in its simple form. Before applying color, take time to identify the primary colors of the image, one of which will be predominant. Explore the color mixes and test in swatches next to the color sketch.

Apply the colors in large fields or shapes, similar to how simple shapes were used to layout the composition. Create a darker version of each color swatch and apply as shadows if needed. Paint the shapes, suggesting their positions with simple brush strokes. The goal is to position the value and color shapes. Details will come later and fit into the color sketch.

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